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Walking With Intent

At times there are so many things going on in our lives it can be difficult to be present. Finding ways of being present in the here and now can help us to settle, take inventory of where we are, and make better decisions. Movement with a focus on chosen elements of experience can be a great form of being present. For instance focusing on breath, and pace while walking is one example of this. The key is continuing to bring one’s attention back (from thoughts that float in) to the chosen elements, for a set amount of time. The time can be short (could be between 10-20 minutes), and is best when consistent (say 3 times a week). With continued practice we tend to be more able to become present, in less time. In this example of noticing pace and breath, the pace has a big role in the level of activation. Slower pace for less activation, faster for more. This exercise can also be used to become more alert and activated. In both cases it can increases present awareness and focus.

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