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Death Is A Heck of A Context

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

When we think about someone who died it can be a reminder of our own mortality, and related issues. Thinking of those who’ve died reminds me that time is limited, and what I choose to do with the time is important. Also, it pulls at questions about meaning, purpose, life-work and relationships.

As a child, I’m pretty sure I believed that death was something that happens to other people, or people who make wrong decisions. As we all do at some point, I realized death is a part of life. As I reflect on this I think of some of the trivial things I can get tripped up on. And not that we won’t, or that the smaller things of living are insignificant. But it helps to right size them in the larger context. I am also reminded of the precious gifts I have been given in different ways. And my choice to relish, to enjoy, and to love.

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