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Bad Feelings! In The Vacuum of Talking About Sexuality

When did sexuality become bad dirty and wrong? Our values and beliefs as people are carried down through generations. And making significant changes to these values and what we understand is often slow.

There seems to be more recognition in recent years that sexuality is an essential, and not inherently shameful/secretive part of life. Still today it can take some brash to open the discussion about sexuality, and not always comfortable. Of course, where you choose to open this conversation and with whom matters, as well as what specifically is being discussed.

Lets start in the bedroom with your romantic partner. Maybe the stakes are a bit less high when compared with more public settings. Are we willing to venture into sharing with our partner what we want, what we don’t want and how often? What has worked, and what you’d like to be different? These conversations are often not easy, especially to initiate them. However When we are able to be with the discomfort with these conversations, we begin to normalize our sexuality and change how we relate to it for the better.

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